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Cancelling the 2021 SCDTSEA Conference

It has been extremely hard on the SCDTSEA Executive Committee making the conference decision. The Criminal Justice Academy had to send 21 students home last week because of the virus and mentioned what we were starting to conclude...

Golden Nuggets for Teachers

I was fortunate to hear Dr. Mark Rasmussen at educational conferences while a teacher at Bob Jones Academy. I was reading one of his books 101 Tips for Teaching by Striving Together Publications. Some of his practical advice needs to be shared!

Operation Lifesaver: Virtual Railway Safety Presentation

There's a lot to think about when you're driving, and trains aren't always at the top of the list. Drivers can quickly respond to hazards on the road, but trains can do very little to respond to hazards on the track. It is important for drivers to be watching for trains and know how to stay safe around them.

2021 SCDTSEA Conference Details

I hope you can make the November 19, 2021 SCDTSEA Conference at the Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia, SC. We have always sought to make the annual conference most helpful to all in driver and traffic safety education. This year, Andrew Pilgrim, an outstanding national DTSE speaker will give two presentations...

Corporate Membership Invitation

The South Carolina Driver and Traffic Safety Educators Association is the only one of its kind that represents all driver and traffic safety educators in South Carolina and works with other safety groups in the state. SCDTSEA is a nonprofit seeking to have Corporate Memberships to better accomplish our mission. You would be interested to know that our overall mission and purpose is stated as the following...

Cameras for Speeding and Red Lights

South Carolina law currently prohibits the use of cameras for red light running and speeding. It is Section 56-7-35 that disallows traffic control devices citations being used based in whole upon photographic evidence. There is controversy that traffic cameras are being used as a revenue source and not as a safety measure.

Better Driver Education Needed in SC

National and state rankings indicate more and better driver and traffic safety education is needed in South Carolina. According to the SC Department of Public Safety, one teen driver was involved in a fatal or injury causing accident every 1.3 hours in 2019.

National Distracted Driving Enforcement Mobilization

This year's U Drive. U Text. U Pay. high visibility enforcement (HVE) media campaign centers on aiding law enforcement officers in their efforts to keep texting and distracted drivers off the road. Distracted driving is a first offense in many States and continues to gain recognition across the nation as a deadly traffic safety epidemic.