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Cameras for Speeding and Red Lights

South Carolina law currently prohibits the use of cameras for red light running and speeding. It is Section 56-7-35 that disallows traffic control devices citations being used based in whole upon photographic evidence. There is controversy that traffic cameras are being used as a revenue source and not as a safety measure.

Better Driver Education Needed in SC

National and state rankings indicate more and better driver and traffic safety education is needed in South Carolina. According to the SC Department of Public Safety, one teen driver was involved in a fatal or injury causing accident every 1.3 hours in 2019.

National Distracted Driving Enforcement Mobilization

This year's U Drive. U Text. U Pay. high visibility enforcement (HVE) media campaign centers on aiding law enforcement officers in their efforts to keep texting and distracted drivers off the road. Distracted driving is a first offense in many States and continues to gain recognition across the nation as a deadly traffic safety epidemic.

2021 SCDTSEA Poster Contest

I rushed the SCDTSEA Executive Committe in deciding the poster theme for 2021 so the information could be sent to you ASAP! See the attachment. It was decided a few years ago to name the contest...

Canceling the 2020 SCDTSEA Conference

Everyone has been hoping that this virus situation would be less and less, but it seems to become more and more. Because of this concern regarding our physical safety, the Executive Committee decided this afternoon that we will NOT have a conference this year.

Why So Many Teen Driving Deaths?

Why are motor vehicle crashes the number one national cause of deaths among teenagers, claiming the lives of six teens aged 16-19 every day? In 2017, 3,255 teens were involved in fatal crashes. A drastic need for change is revealed by realizing that...

Dr. Harry Carl Stille, Jr.

Our beloved Dr. Harry Stille died yesterday morning. He still lives, but not with us. All of the arrangements are not available yet, but you could get on the internet for Harris Funeral Home in Abbeville for additional information.