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Consider Texting Information to Pass Texting Bill

With distracted driving now playing a part in 80 percent of all car crashes, according to a recent Virginia Tech study, and responsible for some 5,500 automotive fatalities annually, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the problem of mobile phone use for texting and talking behind the wheel has become and epidemic.

Meeting the Challenge

We certainly have a lot of challenges in driver and traffic safety education and need to do better. Vehicle crashes are still the leading cause of teen fatalities. Surveys show that only 50 percent of teens take...

Keep Driver Education in Schools

Because of the hard economic times, the legislature's desire has been to cut as many services as possible. Therefore they are attempting to suspend the...

Facing a Change

We are facing a change in the way South Carolina driver education will be taught. As some of you already know the South Carolina legislature is looking at changing...