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2016 SCDTSEA Conference Highlights

Historian Steve Phillips speaking to a conference attendee
A conference attendee
Conference attendees
A conference exhibit
Janice Cowen with Operation Lifesaver, promoting railroad safety
Janice Cowen with Operation Lifesaver, promoting railroad safety
David Smith, President, introducing the conference
Captain Karl McKlary, Inspector General, SCDMV, opens our conference
Lance Collins leads the pledge of allegiance.
Lance Collins, Web Editor, giving a state of SCDTSEA on the web
Albert Smith, Chaplain, giving the Invocation
Andy Pilgrim
Andy Pilgrim
Dr. Harry Stille's presentation
Bill Rhyne's presentation
Lt. Roy Cloud's presentation
President David Smith and Lt. Roy Cloud
Joe Sabbadino, past president, leads the business meeting
Poster contest
Poster contest
Poster contest
Candace Rosado, SCDMV Supervisor
Andy Pilgrim with SCDTSEA Chaplain Dr. Albert Neal
Andy Pilgrim with SCDTSEA President-Elect Andrew Johnson
Dr. Harry Stille, Jim Collins, and Dr. Albert Neal (only three Lifetime Service Award winners)
Andrew Johnson, President-Elect
Andy Pilgrim with SCDTSEA President David Smith

2016 Award Winners

Lifetime Service in Driver and Traffic Safety Education Award

Jim Collins

Jim Collins, Auto-Safe Driving School

Traffic Safety Officer of the Year

Cpl. Bill Rhyne

Cpl. Bill Rhyne, SCHP Spokesman


Joe Sabbadino

Joe Sabbadino, Sabbadino Driving School

Friend of SCDTSEA

Candace Rosado

Candace Rosado, SCDMV Inspector III

Outstanding Leadership in Driver and Traffic Safety

Andy Pilgrim

Andy Pilgrim, Traffic Safety Education Foundation

Driver Education Teacher of the Year

Don Cribbs

Don Cribbs, Latta High School

Commercial Driver Teacher of the Year

Ed Ables

Ed Ables, Ables Driving School

Commercial Driving School of the Year

Thomas Adamo

Thomas Adamo, Union County Driver Academy

Poster Contest

PlaceWinnerDriving School
1st ($300)Hannah LovegroveSabbadino Driving School LLC, Taylors
2nd ($200)Sneh GeorgeSabbadino Driving School LLC, Taylors
3rd ($100)Lydia SuttonClover High School