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2019 SCDTSEA Conference Details

Dear DTSE Colleagues,

I am already excited as the speakers have been finalized to be the best ever. Chief Mark Keel, SLED, will speak on “Medical Marijuana Bill: A Poisnous Apple”. Clemson's Professor Terecia Wilson will speak on the new Masters in Traffic Safety Administration and on drowsy driving. Corporal Bill Rhyne will speak and L/Cp Joe Hovis will share the national winning performance given on “The Legacy.” Director John Westerhold will share some information about his Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs. And, if the above isn't enough, Andy Pilgrim will be with us again! I wanted to also have a time of input from accomplished educators regarding both driver education classroom and BTW, as well as commercial driver training classroom and BTW. I am so sorry that such will not be for this year.

This year we cannot get into the SCDMV building at Blythewood until 8:30 a.m. (the past few years we were able to get in at 7:30). A SPECIAL REQUEST: please plan to be at the SCDMV at 8:30 to start a shorter registration time. This will help to keep our conference program schedule on time. The program will be starting at 9 a.m.

Our president, Andrew Johnson, wanted to add another incentive for you to come and bring other colleagues to our conference. He got ADTSEA to donate two of their Driver Eduation/Training Curriculum guides to SCDTSEA. I just checked ADTSEA's website and each education/training curriculum guide costs $175. It includes two DVDs, one hard copy curriculum and one copy of AAA's How To Drive. Keep a list of colleagues you invite and actually attend on December 6. Two colleagues who are responsible for having the most colleagues attend the conference will each receive one of the two ADTSEA's Driver Education/Training Curriculum Guides. Strive to be one of the two winners!

Download the conference registration and SCDTSEA membership forms.

I have always enjoyed compiling quotations so I will end with a few from a past mentor of mine regarding driver and traffic safety education:

“Driving is like baseball. It's the number of times you reach home safely that counts.”
Captain Billy Fallaw

“There's many a nut (about 2000) on an automobile but the biggest nut handles the steering wheel.”
Captain Billy Fallaw

“A tip for young drivers: ‘FORGET THE GIRL AND HUG THE ROAD.'”
Captain Billy Fallaw

“Men still die with their boots on, but one is usually on the accelerator.”
Captain Billy Fallaw

Let's plant a “Safety Garden”:
plant a row of peas—Patience
plant a row of squash—Speed
plant a row of lettuce—Let us obey all rules and regulations
plant a row of turnips—Turn up alive

Looking foward to seeing many of you on December 6, 2019. May you keep taking steps for safety!

Joe Sabbadino
President-Elect, SCDTSEA