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2021 SCDTSEA Conference Details

Driver & Traffic Safety Colleague,

I hope you can make the November 19, 2021 SCDTSEA Conference at the Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia, SC. We have always sought to make the annual conference most helpful to all in driver and traffic safety education. This year, Andrew Pilgrim, an outstanding national DTSE speaker will give two presentations: “Vehicle Driver Aid Technology” and “Dangers of Street Racing and Stunt Driving”. JoEllen Suter, who has spoken at the ADTSEA Conference and other places, will speak of effective teaching for classroom and behind-the-wheel. We will also have some outstanding state speakers. Please submit a conference registration form to reserve your spot today! You may also review the teenage safety poster contest details or submit an SCDTSEA membership application.

Some safety awards will be given during the conference. If you would like to recommend an outstanding leader, please submit such information to me at As usual, there will be some useful teaching aids given to conference attendees.

I will close by sharing some quotations on the SCDTSEA Conference theme “Responsible Teaching for Responsible Driving”:

Teaching—the profession that creates all other professions.

Teachers are not just people earning a living. They are the architects of our future in a land of freedom and opportunity.
Ivey Lewis

Precise knowledge is the only true knowledge, and he who does not teach exactly does not teach at all.
Henry W. Beecher

A great teacher has always been measured by the number of his students who have surpassed him.

Responsibility educates.
Wendell Phillips

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.

If the student hasn't learned, the teacher hasn't taught.
Dr. Walter Fremont

The best student drivers are aware that they must be aware.

The knowlege in youth is wisdom in age.

When we are out of sympathy with the young, then I think our work in this life is over.
George Macdonald

When educating the mind of youth we must not forget to educate their hearts.
Courtney Niemann

Encourage youth to find out who they are, not to try to fit in.

Youth is the joy of the past; hope of the present; and promise of the future.

The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity.
Benjamin Disraeli

Yours for Safety,


Joe Sabbadino
President, SCDTSEA