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April 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present


The meeting was called to order by President A. Johnson. He called on Dr. A.A. Neal to give the invocation. Mr. Johnson stated that Susan Baldwin from the Baldwin Driving School and Dr. Beyer from the Department of Education had been invited to speak to the board, but neither guest was present.

The minutes from November 12, 2010 were read and accepted by the board. The minutes from February 25, 2011 were read. Mr. Johnson corrected the minutes from February by inserting that the membership committee would consist of Dr. Albert Neal and Deborah Hartness. David Smith had been appointed Chairperson of the Nomination committee. Steve Phillips and Rusty Hires had been added to the Problems and Resolution committee. After these additions were added, the minutes stood approved.

Old/Unfinished Business

New Business