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Facing a Change

We are facing a change in the way South Carolina driver education will be taught. As some of you already know the South Carolina legislature is looking at changing a proviso that will allow high schools the option of providing driver education. Attached is a letter that has been sent to some PTA groups and legislatures. Our board has decided to try and take this fight to the local school boards and superintendents reminding them how important driver education is. I urge you to contact every local authority that might help prevent schools from opting out of providing driver education.

I know that our members are made up of commercial and public educators. I really believe that South Carolina has a nice balance. We need to look at this time in history as a chance to support one another. Our association should fight for and will fight for both entities. These are our brothers and sisters working together to provide education for our daughters, sons, and grandchildren. Now more than ever we need to stand together and put differences and critics aside.

We are one voice. That voice is driver education is important. I would hope that if the commercial schools were being pushed out of business by legislatures the public schools would stand up for them as we ask now for the commercial schools to stand by our public educators.

The fact is teen crashes are still the number one cause of death for this age group. We need every educator teaching to try and save South Carolina teens. Please contact your local representatives, church groups, PTA's and any other organization that will listen and help save driver education in the public schools. It is never acceptable for driver education to be pushed aside and removed because it is not considered a core subject. Life and the preservation of life is always a core subject.

Steve Phillips
SCDTSEA President, 2009-10