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Funny Seat Belt Sayings

Confucius say: Buckle up! Seat belts save face.

Buckle your belt—not your vehicle!

Seat belts keep you hanging in there.

Seat belts save lives—fasten yours!

A seat belt is a life belt.

No Belt. No brain.

Trust your captain but keep your seat belt securely fastened.

You may think seat belts are uncomfortable, but have you ever tried a stretcher?

Wear your seat belt. It's much more comfortable than wearing a caste or bandages.

Don't leave safety to mere chance. That's why belts are sold with pants.
Burma-Shave roadside message.

A friend is like a seat belt, you may not always need them, but they will be there just in case.

If you do not use seat belts, be sure and wear a soft, felt hat to protect your ears as your head goes through the windshield.