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Letter From President-Elect Regarding the November 30 SCDTSEA Conference

Dear Driver & Traffic Safety Education Colleagues,

The SCDTSEA Conference theme is Safety First. Click here to download the conference information, along with conference/membership forms and the safety poster contest.

A message from SCDTSEA President Andrew Johnson:
“Members of SCDTSEA who recruit a new member, and both attend our upcoming conference, will be eligible to participate in a drawing to win a complete Driver Training Curriculum from ADTSEA, with DVDs, etc.”

As always, the conference attendance bags will be full of very helpful teaching information. The ones at the last conference will remember Andy Pilgrim's presentation about working on an “Awareness Driving Techniques For Today” DVD. It is complete and one will be in each attendee's conference bag. I have looked at it and feel it is the best Defensive Driving teaching tool since the father of defensive driving prepared “Smith System of Space Cushion Driving”!

It is always a “shot in the arm” to attend a professional conference geared to help the professionals. SCDTSEA has sought to be that way since the founding of it.

I seem to be known for writing long letters/emails. I will close with something that I worked up while in a class with Dr. Charles McDaniel about professionalism:

Professionalism isn't simply having high degrees, it's being of a higher breed. It isn't simply teaching for years, it's teaching for quality. It isn't haughty pride, it's humbling service. It isn't talk, it's action. It isn't promises, it's performances.

Yours for Safety,

Joe Sabbadino
President-Elect, SCDTSEA