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National Distracted Driving Enforcement Mobilization

NHTSA Traffic Safety Marketing

This year's U Drive. U Text. U Pay. high visibility enforcement (HVE) media campaign centers on aiding law enforcement officers in their efforts to keep texting and distracted drivers off the road. Distracted driving is a first offense in many States and continues to gain recognition across the nation as a deadly traffic safety epidemic.

Dates to remember:

NHTSA’s Traffic Safety Marketing website features downloadable 2021 campaign materials designed for States and traffic safety advocates, with a special 2021 PEAK Enforcement Kit designed for law enforcement. The message is clear, “If you drive while distracted, you’ll pay.” We anticipate that this persuasive message will resonate with the target audience of men and women 18-34.

Coming soon: 2021 Social Media Playbook

On behalf of the NHTSA team, thank you for your proactive support in distracted driving prevention.