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SCDTSEA Needs Help

SCDTSEA needs young teachers to take on the challenge of leadership positions in our association. Many of our past/present officers are/have retired or will be in the not too distant future. Please consider taking up the helm! Our association needs to continue for many more years to help driver and traffic safety education continue being what it ought to be. Thank you for thinking about taking up leadership for SCDTSEA. More discussion will be at the Fall Teacher's Workshop.

No group rises higher than its leadership.
NEA Journal

Leaders are ordinary persons with extraordinary determination.
Southwestern Advocate

Leadership implies knowing where you want to go, how you plan to get there, and how you will help your associates to advance with you.
Management Briefs

Leadership is action, not position.

Anyone who is not leading others in life is not really living.
Charles E. Jones

Leaders are made, not born.
Charles E. Jones