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Update 2019 SCDTSEA Conference

Dear Driver & Traffic Safety Specialists,

I know you would want the latest information for the 2019 SCDTSEA Conference. It will be December 6 at Blythewood's SCDMV. I hope you will make plans to attend. This year the officers cannot get into the building until 8:30 Friday morning so the conference will start later than in the past. So far committed speakers are the following:

Two other speakers that have been invited include Andy Pilgrim of the Traffic Safety Education Foundation and SLED Chief Mark Keel.

Pray for Dr. Harry Stille. He just got home from life-threatening surgeries and is in the process of recuperating. I know an encouraging card would be appreciated (P. O. Box 203, Due West, SC 29639).

The DUI-E proposal is getting closer to becoming law. Continue to support this! One SCDTSEA proposal that I hope will be considered is having a city/county/state ordinance that limbs/branches hiding traffic signs and creating blind spots for motorists should be removed. Perhaps a warning for the property owner to trim the branches in a certain amount of time or the city/county/state will do it.

I saw the DWI billboard that says “You just blew $10,000,” and that got me wondering how much it really is. I also felt that teens would simply think such a sign is a scare tactic and not reality. At any rate I did some research and prepared a handout for my students regarding the average costs for the first offense (without a crash). You may want to use such. Please remember the drinking and driving poster contest for your 2019 students (info given earlier on our website).

Professionalism is striving for quality in all that we do. I will close with a few quotations:

“Put your heart into your work, and the quality of your work will put heart into you.”

“Quality—there are no small mistakes. If it's wrong, it's wrong.”

“It's one thing to work for a living; it's another thing to work for a cause.”
Dr. Bob Jones.

“The work in life is learning to be excited about your work.”
Charles F. Jones.

Best regards,

Joe Sabbadino
President-Elect, SCDTSEA