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Texting Law is Needed

Safe driving is no accident. It is because of responsible parents and teens, driver education/training, DMV licensing, good laws, and better law enforcement. And all of the above work for safety and help keep motorists from...

Letter from the President

I would like to invite you to look over our website and also to encourage you to join our association. I remember going to the conference in the 90's and thinking about my role in making the roads safer for all of us, and I realized that...

Consider Texting Information to Pass Texting Bill

With distracted driving now playing a part in 80 percent of all car crashes, according to a recent Virginia Tech study, and responsible for some 5,500 automotive fatalities annually, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the problem of mobile phone use for texting and talking behind the wheel has become and epidemic.

Driver Education Needed for All

Most states have a GDL law that teenagers can't get a license before 18 years of age if they don't take a driver education or driver training course. Now a study is showing concern that teenage crashes...


Long ago being proud of what I was doing motivated me to want to join and become a part of the state professional association that represented my field. The ones of us formed a constitution (it is eight pages, single typed) and the preamble states what we try to do...

SC House Votes to Ban Texting While Driving

A bipartisan coalition voted 93-15 Wednesday to ban texting while driving for all drivers. First-time violators would face a $100 fine. Violators who cause fatal wrecks could face jail time. Under the bill, texting would still be allowed when a vehicle is stopped or parked.