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Dr. Albert Neal


Dr. Albert Neal

Albert A. Neal was born in Camden, SC lived in Kershaw, graduated from C.A. Johnson High School and received his B.S. degree from Benedict College. He earned the M.Ed., from South Carolina State University, and received his B.D., degree from the Theological Seminary of Florida State Christian University. He was granted an honorary D.D., degree from California Pacific University, and awarded the Ph.D., degree in Religion from the University Life Monarch, Modesto, California. He completed the Ed.S. degree at the University of South Carolina. On May 21, 1987, he satisfactorily completed his first Extended Unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at Richland Memorial Hospital. He earned the M.Div. degree from the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, and earned his Ed.D. in Health Education Administration from the University of South Carolina.

His first job after receiving his degree from Benedict College in 1966 was that of a mathematics and Driver and Traffic Safety Education teacher at Fairfield High School in Winnsboro, SC. After four years, Dr. Neal accepted a position with the University of South Carolina as an Assistant Professor of Public Health. Dr. Neal serves as Project Administrator for USC/NCAA National Youth Sports Program. As a bi-vocational pastor/educator, he has served as pastor to several churches.

He has been active in Traffic Safety since 1966, and has attended more than 40 ADTSEA Annual Conferences. Now retired from the University of SC School of Public Health, (2005).

Our Chaplain of SCDTSEA; directed the National Youth Sports Program (NYSP/NCAA/USC) for more than 15 years; implemented the Driver Improvement Program at Fort Jackson, SC 1970.

Albert Aiken Neal has adopted as his motto from J.B Phillips translation of 1 Timothy 4:14, “CONCENTRATE ON YOUR READING AND ON YOUR PREACHING AND TEACHING.”