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2023 SCDTSEA Conference Details

SCDTSEA leaders are working to have another great teaching conference. DOE used to have education workshops, but now such belongs to the SCDTSEA Conference. It will be held at the Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia. The theme is “14 hours Plus”. Please mark November 17 for this.

To register, please fill out and send in a conference registration form. The cost is $70 if you register before November 4, and $80 afterwards. (Includes the $30 membership fee.) If you are interested in joining SCDTSEA, but won't be able to make it to the conference this year, use the general SCDTSEA membership form. The cost for membership alone is $30.

Since the beginning of SCDTSEA, we had youth safety conferences and poster contests. No longer youth safety conferences, but we still have the yearly poster contests. See this flyer for this year's poster contest details.

If you are interested to contact the President David Smith, his email is The email for our President-Elect Robert Suggs is

SCDTSEA has been in existence for over 40 years. It was established as a partner of the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA) to:

  1. Promote and advance all phases of Driver and Traffic Safety Education in South Carolina.
  2. Identify problems and promote solutions to enhance the teaching of Driver and Traffic Safety Education.
  3. Promote cooperation with agencies in the interest of teaching Driver and Traffic Safety in the state of South Carolina.
  4. Stimulate general interest in the conservation of human life, particularly as it relates to vehicular and pedestrian safety in South Carolina.

We have been pleased that participants at our various SCDTSEA Conferences have consisted mainly of South Carolina teachers/instructors (high schools and commercial schools), business and industrial leaders, representatives from government agencies from South Carolina and from neighboring states who support driver education and traffic safety. Hope you will be able to make our November 17, 2023 conference!

To bring this letter to an end, I thought I would share something that I am now using in my teaching that may also be of interest for your use. I have recently been convinced that most people tailgate because they don't realize the braking and following distances involved to stop. The recent study I have done about this is here, hoping that some of it might also be of use to your students.


Joe Sabbadino
Past President, SCDTSEA