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Canceling the 2020 SCDTSEA Conference

Dear Driver & Traffic Safety Education Colleagues,

Everyone has been hoping that this virus situation would be less and less, but it seems to become more and more. Because of this concern regarding our physical safety, the Executive Committee decided this afternoon that we will NOT have a conference this year. We will just keep the 2020 officers for 2021.

Perhaps we will have two poster contests next year, so save the cell phone posters and we will come up with another poster theme for 2021. If anyone has already sent in the registration and payment for the 2020 Conference, Sherry Bachmann will return your payment.

Share ideas of what you would like to have at the 2021 SCDTSEA Conference. We appreciate any feedback that you can give us.

You know how I always like to share things. Our having good public relations with parents and students is a must. I know many of you have different ways to do this. Of course, our love, dedication and concern to help improve safety makes a difference to the students and is contagious. Some of you have a special meeting just for the parents. I believe we all give parents handouts during registration that helps parents help their teenagers.

In a pre-class letter to parents of my commercial driver training school, I try to share my curriculum guidelines and also share this on the first day of class with my students. I know we are most limited in what can be done in eight hours of classwork and six hours of BTW. The more planning and organization, the better the results.

When I was a high school driver educator, more could be done because of the required 30 hours of classroom teaching. Here is a letter that I used to give to my high school parents. All that is in the letter cannot be done in eight hours, but I challenge you to consider what are the most important things to do for the students.


Joe Sabbadino
President, SCDTSEA