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Letter From President David Smith

I am truly honored to be the President of the SCDTSEA for the two year term of 2021-2023. I have been coming to these conferences since they were held on Broad River Road in the 90's and I always took something back to my high school or commercial school to pass on to young novice drivers.

I always looked so forward to seeing “legends” such as Dr. Harry Stille talk about Wal-Mart and why he used a certain type of toothpaste—the young teachers in our profession will certainly miss out on those educational talks.

We are now in 2022 and we are talking about driving cars that control themselves and have blind spot alarms—I worry that the skill of driving will be lost on these new bells and whistles:

  1. Not being distracted
  2. Keeping a safe following distance
  3. Maintaining the speed limit
  4. Using the Smith system

I have talked enough—Thanks for visiting our website and I look forward to seeing you and having you become involved with the SCDTSEA in 2022.

Best wishes,

David E. Smith
SCDTSEA President 2021-2023