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The Worst Accident Investigated

I was awakened at 2:00 a.m. by a phone call telling me to hurry and get into uniform. There is a terrible accident on Highway 52S.

Half asleep I arrived at the accident scene only to find an automobile scattered all over the highway. Parts of the bodies were strewn over the entire vicinity.

I helped put parts of bodies onto sheets. In the dark of the night the essential parts could not be found. The undertakers had to return the next morning for the remaining missing parts.

During my investigation I learned that this family of seven had been to a church revival and was returning home when a tractor-trailer truck traveling in the opposite direction met the auto on a 15-degree curve head on, crumpling all passengers.

One small mistake of a single person ended the lives of seven people. He simply crossed the center line.

“There are two sides to every road—the right side and suicide.”

“A middle-of-the-road policy may succeed in politics, but it gets you into a lot of trouble on a highway.”

Lieutenant C.I. Coleman